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Consent and Preference Management Platform

Respecting customer data is a growing challenge for marketing teams in the age of global data privacy regulations.

OneTrust PreferenceChoice allows organizations to centrally manage consent and preferences while giving users control and visibility into how their data is used. The PreferenceChoice platform enables businesses to integrate privacy into marketing and sales activities to collect user consent, preferences and profile data across channels, scan websites and mobile apps for tracking technologies and automate privacy requests while complying with the CCPA, CASL, GDPR and 100s of global privacy regulations.

Platform Capabilities

Tools you need to collect consent and connect across your martech stack.

Create Dynamic Preference Centers

Build preference centers for self-service user experiences to intake preferences and data requests across marketing activities.

Build Trust with Customers

Foster trust by giving users visibility and control over how their data is used and communicate on their terms.

Integrate Your Martech Stack

Leverage integrated, patented architecture to sync consent and preferences across your marketing applications.

Simplify Marketing Compliance

Integrate privacy into your marketing and sales activities to automate compliance with 100s of global regulations.


Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Consent and Preference Management for Marketers

“Central to most privacy laws is the challenge of providing users clarity and control over their personal information and how it is used. Marketing leaders need a clear overview of the consent and preference management ecosystem to design experiences that meet this challenge.”


Gartner Market Guide for Consent and Preference Management for Marketers – Andrew Frank.
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OneTrust PreferenceChoice Products

Solutions for your business to centrally manage consent and preference settings across websites, mobile apps, and other customer touchpoints.

Consent and Preferences

Collect, record and sync consent across your marketing and sales activities.

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Targeted Data Discovery

Automatically find and retrieve targeted data from across your marketing and business systems.

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Cookie Compliance

Scan your website for third-party trackers and customize you cookie banner.

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Mobile App Compliance

Manage consent and scan apps to understand how your app is sharing data.

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Consumer and Data Subject Rights

Automate request fulfillment and comply with the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and more.

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Policies & Notices

Centrally update, host and manage internal and external policies, notices and disclosures.

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Streamline Consent & Preferences across Marketing Systems