Authenticated Consent

How Authenticated Consent Works

With OneTrust CMP, you now have the ability to share and link consent given by a user on one website or mobile app across your other managed websites or mobile apps. This is achieved through a user profile that contains the consent given by the user from the first property interaction. The user profile is shared across OneTrust to additional devices or browsers where the user chooses to roam, safely creating a seamless user experience.

Authenticated Consent

Step 1

A user visits your website, mobile app, or OTT app for the first time and is assigned a unique ID

Authenticated Consent

Step 2

The user’s unique ID is stored in OneTrust’s database

Authenticated Consent

Step 3

When the same user visits your website or app again from another device, the user can be identified

Authenticated Consent

Step 4

OneTrust’s CMP can check if consent has already been given and the preferences that were previously saved

Authenticated Consent

Cross-Device Consent: A Unified User Experience

Although advertising is seemingly more complicated due to privacy regulations, there are now more ways to reach consumers, which can add additional confusion to capturing consent. In fact, 87% of internet users in the U.S. use more than one device when going online. Now more than ever, publishers must ensure that cross-device consent capture is available and consistent across platforms and centralize the consent records from browsers, mobile, and OTT apps

The Benefits of Authenticated Consent

Consent Management Platform Demo

Deliver a Seamless Experience Across Devices

Synchronizing consent and preferences across devices helps publishers avoid a jarring experience that turns users away from the website or application.

Prepare for the Removal of Third-Party Cookies

Build trust and deliver personalization to audiences across all web, mobile, and OTT applications—without relying on third-party cookies—through a cookie-less sync. 

Apply Consent Across Owned Domains

Cross-domain consent allows site owners to maintain a single record of consent for one user across multiple domains.

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