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How to Manage Consent & Preferences Across Multiple Domains

Consent Across Multiple Domains

In a digital-focused world, it’s not uncommon for publishers to own multiple domains with each having its own identityAlthough they have different URLs, all the domains have one owner. For example, an entertainment company might own multiple domains for each of its channels. Each channel may have a different audience or serve different regions. Although consent and preference management across these multiple domains may be difficult, it is not impossible.

According to global regulations, such as GDPR, publishers are required to capture consent to cookies and tracking technologies on their digital properties. Generally, implementing a consent management platform (CMP) is the gold standard to capture, store, and sync consent and preferences across domains and devices. However, this can hinder a user’s experience when navigating to and from multiple domains under the same company’s umbrella. 

To provide a frictionless experience, publishers can leverage cross-domain consent functionality with OneTrust PreferenceChoice. Cross-domain consent allows site owners to maintain a single record of consent for one user across multiple domains. As a result, Site visitors will see a CMP on their first visit to a linked site and will not see it on subsequent visits to that site or other linked sites.  

How Cross-Domain Consent Works  

Learn how to implement the solution to your site by following the steps here.OneTrust PreferenceChoice allows website owners to apply the consent gathered from a user on one site to implement cross-domain consent to maintain consent across other domains. With this in mind, website owners can stay compliant while making the visitor’s experience more convenient.  

  1. A user visits one domain and is prompted with a CMP. The user provides consent and/or preferences while on the site, which is stored in OneTrust’s database.  
  2. The user navigates to another domain and instead of prompted with the same CMP from the first-related site, the user’s consent and preferences are already stored and applied to the second visited domain.   
  3. The user’s consent and preferences will continue to apply and sync across as many domains as needed.  

OneTrust PreferenceChoice for Publishers  

OneTrust PreferenceChoice provides the leading CMP for publishers to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and 100s of regulations, as well as frameworks from the IAB and DAA.  

  • Automate global compliance with CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy, IAB Europe TCF v2.0, DAA AdChoices, and hundreds of other laws and frameworks. 
  • Share signals by syncing with Salesforce DMP, IAB TCF, Google DFP / AdSense / AdX, Google Tag Manager, Adobe DTM, and more. 
  • Protect ad revenue through header bidding/pre-bidding support and monetize content with first-party data. 
  • Collect consent across audience touchpoints such as consent notices, banners, emails, and even offline collection. 
  • Centralize consent records across platforms: Support for web, mobile apps, OTT, AMP, and offline consent and preference collection with support for cross-domain consent. 
  • Earn audience trust with a transparent consent notice that empowers audiences to control choices and preferences. 
  • Drive opt-ins and engagement by tracking and analyzing consent rates with pre-built, real-time dashboards and reporting, A/B testing, and monitoring to maximize opt-in rates. 
  • Integrate with existing tech stack and protect investments with easy integration with Adobe Advertising Cloud, Facebook, FreeWheelmParticle, Salesforce Audience Studio, and more. 

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