BLOG 3 Minutes 4/16/2020

How Can Publishers Future-Proof Their Privacy Strategy?

Because publishers face unique challenges when it comes to advertising in the 21st century, we’re revealing the strategies you can use in 2020 to advance your marketing tactics while staying compliant with privacy regulations. 

The first critical component publishers should implement for a future-proof privacy strategy is a Consent Management Platform (CMP).  

A CMP empowers you to take your advertising efforts to the next level, comply with regulatory guidance, and build privacy-first preference management tools. 

Advanced Advertising Capabilities

In a noisy online world, publishers need to differentiate their content and advertising to stand out or else risk losing significant revenue. And the way publishers can do this is by customizing their advertising to each user’s experience. 

CMP gives you the capability to highly personalize advertising based on user behavior, while staying compliant with global regulations and frameworks. One of the most powerful features it provides is geo-targeting based on each user’s regional regulations. And that in turn resonates with users, increasing engagement with your content and ads. 

Completely Compliant 

No one has to be reminded of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the several other national and international laws passed to put a leash on unethical gathering and use of consumer data. Add the IAB Europe TCF v2.0 and dozens of other frameworks, and publishers can feel like they’ve got their hands tied behind their backs. 

Compliance is one of the main areas where a CMP can come in handy. A fully featured CMP should support major regulations and frameworks and integrate with the platforms publishers use the most, including Google AdSense and Ad Manager, and Facebook Pixel, to name a few.

Preference Management Made Easy

The people have spoken. What they’re saying is they’ll spend their time and money on companies that protect their individual data. And in addition to protecting data, they want total control of how, when, and where companies communicate with them.

Publishers can use a CMP to build customized preference centers that match the look and tone of their brands. CMP banners can even be created so they’re publisher-specific to comply with frameworks such as IAB TCF v2.0. You can edit reporting dashboards to optimize your preference management over time.

A CMP kills two birds with one stone: It protects your users’ data while giving them the control they crave.

CMP To the Rescue

Although critical to a future-proof privacy strategy, onboarding a CMP is only the beginning for a publisher. There are three more important tactics you need to implement in order to succeed. To read on, download the eBook published by OneTrust PreferenceChoice, the leading CMP for publishers. Discover in-depth best practices on how to balance privacy with personalization to succeed.

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