Blog 4 Mins July 24, 2020

Google Officially Joins the IAB TCF 2.0 GVL

As the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) 2.0 upgrade deadline quickly approaches, Google has officially joined the IAB TCF 2.0 global vendor list (GVL) for Google Advertising Products. Observers have been awaiting the addition of Google to the GVL for the past few months after Google announced they would sign on as a vendor for TCF 2.0. 

The wait is over as Google is now listed as an active vendor on the GVL and can therefore read consent strings capture using IAB TCF 2.0.

This is major news to publishers and advertisers who use Google as part of their advertising activities and have been preparing to upgrade to TCF 2.0 before August 15 when support for version 1.1 will end 

What Does This Mean? 

Google plays a major role in the media and advertising industry as one of the leading ad tech vendors. With Google’s integration, ads that are delivered by Google will now comply with the framework directly without any additional configuration.   

This is a win-win for OneTust PreferenceChoice customers. With OneTrust’s support for IAB TCF 2.0, all existing customers who leverage the framework will be able to work with Google as a vendor automatically. Google will now be part of the list of vendors that organizations can choose from within their OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP.   

Leverage the Leading CMP for IAB TCF 2.0 

Leading publishers and advertisers leverage OneTrust PreferenceChoice to build and deploy a tailored CMP, optimize consent rates while ensuring compliance with global regulations and frameworks, and engage with customers across web, mobile, OTT and offline channels. According to Adzerk’s Ad Tech Insights Report, Q3 2020OneTrust is the #1 ranked CMP. 

  • Track consent opt-in percentage metrics to optimize over time 
  • Geotarget specific regions and visitors to comply with local jurisdictions 
  • Integrate with Google, Facebook, Amazon and IAB TCF 2.0 simultaneously 
  • Capture cross-domain consent across multiple properties 
  • Store consent records for downstream system integration 

Source: AdZerk Consent Management Platform (CMP) 2020 Tracker

To support adoption, OneTrust PreferenceChoice recently launched an IAB TCF 2.0 Same Day Fast Track Implementation Program to help publishers and advertisers create, customize, and publish an IAB-approved consent management platform ahead of the August 15 deadline. Users can leverage PreferenceChoice’s built-in TCF 2.0 product support, step-by-step guides, and daily webinars to streamline operations and conduct revenue-building advertising in compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. 

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