Blog 3 minutes 5/5/2020

OneTrust is an IAB TCF 2.0 CMP for Mobile

With the fast-approaching TCF deadline, OneTrust leads the industry as validated IAB TCF v2.0 CMP for mobile applications.  

As viewers increasingly consume contenton multiple devices in multiple locations, regulations and supervisory authorities have put a spotlight on the way brands and publishers are capturing consent across devicesWith continuous guidance in the consent landscape, companies must focus on respecting user’s privacy preferences not only on web properties, but also mobile applicationsto ensure compliance and deliver targeted ads based on user consent.   

IAB TCF v2.0 CMP for Mobile 

Today, we’re excited to share the news that we are an officially-approved IAB Europe TCF v2.0 CMP for mobile applications as well as web properties/websites. As an approved CMP for mobile, we’re excited to help support customers to get the mobile consent they need to deliver relevant ads while remaining compliant with IAB TCF v2.0. This is not just important for compliance purposes, but critical to maintain ad revenues and build trust with consumers. 

Increased Attention on Mobile Apps  

Certain supervisory authorities have taken notice in how ad tech companies are collecting data via apps to deliver personalized advertisements. In 2018, the CNIL issued a warning against four French advertising tech companies that were collecting geolocation data from app users to display targeted advertising without consent. The case findings proclaimed violation against both the GDPR and IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) because consent obtained from app users was invalid. After the CNIL actedthe UK Information Commissioner (ICO) and the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) were informed and all are actively monitoring instances such as this one 

Take Action Today 

By June 29, 2020, all publishers must make the upgrade from TCF v1.1 to TCF v2.0. This means our publisher customers can use the OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP to make the switch to v2.0 on both web properties and mobile apps leveraging a team of publisher experts and ongoing support.  Visit OneTrust PreferenceChoice to Request a Demo with our Publisher Experts!

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