BLOG 4 Minutes 6/10/2020

Increase Opt-ins with Preference Management

How can you successfully leverage preference management software strategies to increase opt ins, manage opt-outs, and reduce unsubscribes?

Every company wants to decrease the number of unsubscribes they receive. However, before you can stop more opt-outs from happening, you must understand why users are taking this action.   

Unsubscribes happen for a variety of reasons. It’s likely that unsubscribing users feel they are receiving irrelevant information or too many communications.    

Your preference management tactics impact opt-in rates. You must have a preference management strategy in order to reduce unsubscribe rates.

Because this is so important, we’re explaining how brands can leverage specific preference management tactics to successfully reduce the amount of unsubscribes. 

Upgrade Your Preference Center to Maximize Opt-Ins 

Your preference management improvements will center around your preference center, which is best implemented with preference management software.

And no matter what stage you are in of building a preference center, there are components you’ll want to add as soon as possible. Executing on these areas will be integral to providing alternatives that help keep customers from unsubscribing. 

Increase Content Choices 

Segmenting new and existing customers into lists based on interest is one of the best ways to avoid unsubscribes. When users are able to choose the content that resonates with their lifestyle, work, and interests, they look forward to receiving messages.  

This starts with understanding what content you produce and how it can be divided into topics. Once you wrap your arms around this, you can add these categories as options within your preference center.   

One thing to remember is although subscribers will be delighted to choose the content they receive from you, they’ll be equally upset if you don’t act on their preferences by properly segmenting messages. This will undoubtedly lead to an opt-out. Make sure you’re prepared to honor audience preferences! 

Add Frequency Options 

Too many emails, aggressive communication, and campaigning often lead to unsubscribes. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Marketers can offer subscribers a way to opt-down to less frequent communications, instead of a permanent opt-out.  

 You can provide users with the option to only receive messages on a certain schedule, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Another smart move is to offer subscribers the chance to opt-out, but only for a set period of time. Many brands refer to this tactic as taking a break. The timetable can range from between one to three months. 

Provide Access to Privacy Rights Information  

Data transparency is one of the strongest brand initiatives in the modern marketing world. And in the wake of new and forthcoming privacy regulations, brands who integrate privacy rights into their marketing will avoid unsubscribes and gain customer loyalty. 

At the minimum, all brands should have an updated privacy policy and cookies settings popup on display. But companies that want to take it a step further will allow subscribers to edit their personal information and how it’s used.

Putting this kind of power into the consumer’s hands increases transparency, empowers users, and builds trust—leading to increased opt-in rates. 

Increase Opt-Ins with Preference Management 

Upgrading your preference center with message types, frequency options, and privacy settings increase the likelihood users won’t unsubscribe. What you might not realize is it increases opt-in rates too! 

In the case of subscribers who aren’t interested in a particular topic, they may opt-in for other categories. They may also be delighted with your transparent, consumer-first preference management tactics.   

There’s no doubt a strong preference management strategy is critical to keeping customers happy. OneTrust PreferenceChoice can help. To learn more about our preference management software, schedule a 1-1 meeting to talk to an expert today.  

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