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OneTrust Overall Leader in KuppingerCole Report

KuppingerCole OneTrust Report

As privacy and consent management continues to play a more strategic role for marketers in organizations, the vendor selection process becomes increasingly important. To help organizations in their vendor selection process, KuppingerCole published the Privacy & Consent Management Leadership Compass, sharing their findings across the industry.

We are excited to share that OneTrust demonstrated our continued leadership in preference and consent management solutions. We are the only vendor to achieve the highest rank (“strong positive”) in all areas of KuppingerCole’s evaluation

Download the report: Leadership Compass – Privacy & Consent Management, August 2020

The report provides organizations with a clear overview of the Privacy and Consent Management market and identifies the leaders within it. KuppingerCole evaluated and compared 14 different consent management solution providers. The process included utilizing different sources, such as experience from their advisory projects, customer feedback, product descriptions, and a vendor questionnaire. KuppingerCole evaluated products and vendors against the following key criteria:

  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Deployment
  • Interoperability
  • Usability
  • Innovativeness
  • Market Position
  • Financial Strength
  • Ecosystem

OneTrust was the only provider evaluated to score a “strong positive” in all categories, indicating “outstanding support for the subject area”. Additionally, KuppingerCole recognized OneTrust as a Product, Innovation, Market, and Overall Leader and ranked us in the highest position in all the report’s six vendor comparison graphs.

OneTrust’s strong positioning within the preference and consent management market echoed through the top scores achieved in all eight categories of product features, which included preference customization and consumer control.

Balancing Privacy Compliance and User Experience

KuppingerCole noted the importance of OneTrust’s multi-stakeholder approach. The approach provides a balance between legal compliance and user experience that continues to deliver results. The report notes, “OneTrust is a fast-growing player in this market…OneTrust takes a multi-stakeholder approach to meet the needs of legal departments, marketing departments, and end-users.”

As the most widely used consent and preference management solution on the market, OneTrust provides organizations with technology-based solutions for preference and consent management across all industries. With OneTrust PreferenceChoice, organizations can collect, manage, and signal valid consent and preferences in compliance with global privacy laws. Marketers, publishers, and advertisers can leverage a range of tools designed to provide them the support needed to design compliant and positive user experiences. Organizations can receive consent prior to leveraging cookies, targeted advertising, or personalized content.

OneTrust is thrilled to receive the highest accolades in KuppingerCole’s Privacy & Consent Management Report. Thanks to our community of customers, partners, and employees for their continued support.

Download the report: Leadership Compass – Privacy & Consent Management, August 2020

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