Blog 5 minutes 4/02/2020

Meet OneTrust Athena

OneTrust Athena is a powerful AI, bringing machine learning, predictive intelligence, and robotic automation to the OneTrust platform to expand on your compliance program.

Today’s organizations are facing a huge challenge: creating a more personalized and unique customer experience than ever before. To build up your customer trust and drive user engagement through your marketing efforts, you need to optimize your consent and preference management efforts.

This is where Athena comes in to take your consent and preference management to the next level.

To learn more register for the webinar: Streamline Your Privacy, Security & Trust Program with OneTrust Athena AI.

How Does Athena Work?

OneTrust Athena is designed to harness the power of AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation. With artificial intelligence, Athena can help your team remove manual tasks and repetitive actions like dealing with consumer rights requests and can streamline complex workflows and integration with other compliance technologies to simplify your consent and preference management efforts.

Athena can adapt to your business, learning over time what your exact needs are with building up your customer trust by leveraging machine learning models on your data sets. The gist: the more you use OneTrust, the smarter Athena gets. 

Simply tell Athena which manual tasks are required in fulfilling a consumer rights request using the drag-and-drop automation builder. When a request is submitted Athena routes them through these pre-defined workflows, with no human interaction required. Athena can verify the identity, flag exceptions, access or action the requestor’s data in other systems, and suggest responses to send to the individual.

How is Athena Different from Other AI Technologies?

OneTrust Athena is the first AI to draw on OneTrust DataGuidance’s source of regulatory and compliance research. OneTrust DataGuidance monitors updates to laws and regulations, tracks breaches and enforcement actions, and knows all the latest regulatory guidance. All this information has been mapped and indexed into a structured, machine-readable format that continuously feeds Athena with insights and intelligence.

Athena continuously learns and grows as she learns the ins and outs of your business. Driven by both the information that your team puts into OneTrust and the data that she automatically discovers, Athena is able to learn over time to more accurately classify your consumer rights requests, and suggest controls based on your consent and preference management.

Athena is integrated across the entire OneTrust platform and powers different use cases across the different OneTrust offerings, including OneTrust Privacy, OneTrust Vendorpedia, OneTrust PreferenceChoice, OneTrust GRC and all of the product modules within. To learn more about OneTrust Athena and how she can help your business, register for the webinar: Streamline Your Privacy, Security & Trust Program with OneTrust Athena AI.

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