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OneTrust Announces $210 Million Series B


onetrust series bSince our $200 million Series A just seven short months ago, OneTrust is excited to make another huge announcement to our PreferenceChoice customers. Today, we have brought our total funding to $410 million Series B at a $2.7 billion valuation!

We’ve passed the 5,000 customer mark in under four years, including close to 50% of the Fortune 500. Our team has scaled to 1,500 employees. OneTrust now has 10 global offices. The OneTrust PreferenceChoice offering is even more well-funded to enhance our products and technologies. These include Consent and Preference Management, Cookie Compliance, Mobile App Consent and more.

Our customers have made it apparent that their challenges and opportunities extend beyond privacy and into marketing, preference management, security, data ethics and trust. Each of these opens the door for a significant competitive advantage for businesses of all types.

How OneTrust Series B Funding Impacts Your Experience

The insight and demand from our customers have allowed us to expand our product line. We have delivered with our five key offerings:

We are thrilled to build on this momentum with OneTrust PreferenceChoice to provide our customers with the best in class technology to solve their marketing and privacy challenges. OneTrust will continue to invest heavily in our PreferenceChoice offering and technology.  As well as our support teams and partner ecosystem to help customers maximize their investments in OneTrust. Additionally we plan to rapidly innovate with new capabilities in the platform, through organic growth and inorganic acquisitions.

Thank you to the OneTrust PreferenceChoice team, our customers, partners and community for your continued support. Together, we are working to build the future of third-party risk, privacy, and trust.

If you’d like to learn more about OneTrust PreferenceChoice, request a demo today or register for MarketingConnect or PublisherConnect.

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