Blog 2 Minutes 05/21/20

PublisherConnect is Now Online

OneTrust PreferenceChoice is excited PublisherConnect is now online! These free, virtual workshops are focused on the challenges that publishers and ad tech vendors face while complying with regulations. Publishers around the world can connect with others during our expert-led sessions and virtual activities.

Register today for a free PublisherConnect workshop.

About PublisherConnect

PublisherConnect is designed specifically for those in the publishing industry. Each event will explore challenges facing publishing professionals today from local supervisory authorities, such as the CCPA, CNIL, ICO, and IAB Europe TCF 2.0. In addition to exploring the publishing landscape, we’ll also discuss the latest trends and techniques.

During each two-hour event, attendees will learn how they can build up their user engagement and the best practices to retain ad revenue under new privacy regulations. Each event will inform attendees on how they can focus their efforts in a more impactful way. These virtual events allow attendees to discuss best practices and share their own experiences.

PublisherConnect Dates Include

  • RSVP | Americas | July 30
  • RSVP | Europe | June 10

To learn more or sign up for an event, visit our PublisherConnect website.