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Extended Deadline: TCF 1.1 Supported Through 15 Aug

Due to COVID-19, the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) Steering Group has voted to extend support for TCF v1.1 (the first version) to 15th August 2020, a 45-day extension.  

On 13th Maythe TCF Steering Group held a meeting including participants from 55 companies to discuss and vote on the extensionPrior to the vote, publishers voiced their concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on their ability to successfully switch over to TCF v2.0 by the original deadline of 30th June.  

New IAB TCF v2.0 Timeline  

Since the revised framework was launched in August 2019, thirty consent management platforms (CMPs), including OneTrust, have been certified for v2.0 and are actively working with publishers to upgrade to the second version.  

Another deadline to be aware of is 30 September 2020, which the Steering Group declared as the deadline for when v1.1 consent strings will no longer be valid.  

The updated timeline is below:  

  • 21st August 2019: TCF v2 launched  
  • 15th August 2020: Support for the Global Vendor List (GVL) and other infrastructure necessary to implement v1.1 will be deprecated 
  • 30th September 2020: TCF v1.1 consent strings will no longer be valid  

Background of IAB TCF v2.0  

In August 2019, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced TCF v2.0 which introduces significant changes for publishers and the ad tech ecosystem. There is a lot included in TCF v2.0, whether you plan to upgrade from TCF v1.1 or get started with TCF v2.0. 

The goal of the Framework is to help players in the online ecosystem meet certain requirements of the ePrivacy and GDPR by providing a way of informing users about: 

  • The storing and/or accessing of information on their devices 
  • The fact that their personal data is processed 
  • The purposes for which their personal data is processed 
  • The companies that are seeking to process their personal data for these purposes 
  • Providing users with a choice about the same, and signaling to third parties which information has been disclosed to users and what users’ choices are 

OneTrust PreferenceChoice Resources  

OneTrust PreferenceChoice offers same-day support for IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0, helping publishers collect valid consent and delivepersonalized ads across mobile, web and OTT properties ahead of the 15th August 2020 deadline.  

As an officially approved IAB Europe TCF v2.0 CMP, publishers can use the OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP to easily switch to v2.0, and access resources, tools, and templates. 

Check out the free CMP builder for IAB TCF v2.0 to build a customized CMP and implement onto your website in just a few steps 

Interested in a 1:1 conversation? Request a demo today with a publisher expert to learn more about our leading CMP and why leading publishers choose OneTrust as their choice.  

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