Blog 1 Minute 5/13/20

IAB TCF 2.0 Master Class Webinar Series 

OneTrust PreferenceChoice is excited to announce open registration for an IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0 2020 Master Class Webinar Series!

The new Master Class Webinar Series was designed to help organizations properly to switch compliance operations to support IAB TCF 2.0 before June 30, 2020 when TCF 1.1 is no longer effective. Each hour-long webinar session will dive into the cornerstone pieces of a technology drivenTCF 2.0 compliance programPublishers can attend the full Master Class Webinar Series to build a complete TCF 2.0 program or choose the specific sessions to meet organizational requirements with confidence. Topics include:  

  • May 20 | IAB TCF 2.0 Deep Dive: Overview, Terminology, Resources  
  • June 3 | Empowering Publishers: OneTrust Resources Available for IAB TCF 2.0  
  • June 10 | Navigating a Complex Framework: IAB TCF 2.0 Upgrade Checklist 
  • June 17 |Compliance Regulators and IAB TCF: Requirements You Need to Follow & CMP UI Best Practices 

Related: Get started today with a free IAB TCF 2.0 CMP Builder  

Publishers can get started today and leverage OneTrust’s free IAB-registered Consent Management Platform (CMP) Builder for web and mobile to create, customize and publish a TCF 2.0-compliant platform in minutes. OneTrust’s TCF v2.0 CMP Builder gives publishers the ability to build and customize a CMP to collect consent across the digital advertising ecosystem in compliance with TCF 2.0, the GDPR, the ePrivacy Directive and more.    

Additional Resources:                  

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