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TrustWeek News: Introducing the Trust Center

Trust Center: Transparency, Choice, and Trust in a Single UI

As part of a series of announcements during TrustWeek, OneTrust’s annual user conference, we are excited to introduce the OneTrust PreferenceChoice Trust Center. Our new solution is intended to help marketers and publishers earn trust through transparency in a single user UI.  

Specifically, the OneTrust PreferenceChoice Trust Center allows you to design, implement and manage transparent user experiences. Additionally, it gives users the ability to view consent history, indicate communication preferences, and provide first-party data – all through a central portal.  

To learn more register for TrustWeek or register for the webinar in English or French: Trust Centers: Turning Compliance Into a Marketer’s Competitive Edge 

OneTrust PreferenceChoice provides a suite of solutions for marketers and publishers to manage the consent, preferences, and first-party data of their customers. These solutions were implemented with separate user experiences, organizations focused on building trust with their customers are beginning to consolidate the user experience of transparency and choice into a central Trust Center.  

Provide Customers Control of their Personal Information

The Trust Center is backed by a unique combination of privacy expertise paired with a dynamic approach to consent and preference management. Our Trust Center allows for marketers and publishers to create a one-stop hub that helps customers understand the data that is held on them. It also provides user control of their personal information, and deliver a seamless digital experience.  

Benefits of the OneTrust Trust Center:

  • Give visibility and control over customer profiles
  • Provide customers with control over consent and preferences
  • Expose relevant policies, notices, and terms and conditions
  • Allow customers to exercise privacy rights (DSAR) requests
  • Provide control over consent for cookies and tracking technologies

Awareness of privacy rights and placing value on them has increased amongst customers. As a publisher or marketer, you can use customer trust to boost your relationship and outshine competitors.

To learn more, register for TrustWeek. You can also register for the webinar in English or French: Trust Centers: Turning Compliance Into a Marketer’s Competitive Edge. To read all of our TrustWeek news, check out our blog.

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