Blog 2 min 11/05/2020

OneTrust Announces Marketers Master Class, a New Virtual Event Series Designed to Build a Trust Based Marketing Strategy

trust marketing strategy

OneTrust PreferenceChoice is excited to launch Marketers Master Class, a new virtual event series designed specifically for industry professionals seeking to build trust based marketing strategy. We’ll be joined by industry experts as we dive into best practices for building trust with audiences and creating more personalized user experiences while respecting customer data.  

Through this interactive seriesattendees will connect with marketing and privacy leaderscollaborate with peers, develop a privacy-oriented trust marketing strategy, discover new trends, and gain key insights.  

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Trust as the New Currency for Marketers  

The first series of workshops––“Trust as the New Currency for Marketers“–will focus on building trust with audiences through an evolved marketing strategy rooted in privacy. We’ll dive into how to make data more impactful, use privacy and transparency as a brand element, and drive audience engagement.   

The workshop features a three-part webinar series that will combine OneTrust consent and preference management expertise with privacy, and customer experience to develop a comprehensive data and marketing strategy:  

 Throughout each session, we’ll examine best practices for earning trust from your prospects, customers, and other stakeholders in your audience. Our speakers will discuss the thoughtful, transparent user experience strategies that foster trust and drive customer engagement. 

 To learn more or sign up, visit the OneTrust PreferenceChoice Virtual Events page.  

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