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What is a Preference Center?

what is a preference center

What is a preference center? In short, a preference center is a page within a website or application that empowers users to take control of their relationship with a brand. Providing users with more power to control privacy settings, communication frequency, and more.   

Through preference centers, brands can go beyond regulatory requirements for marketing consent, opt-ins, and subscriptions. This empowers users with choice in the customer-brand relationship. These centers can also be used to help brands capture first-party and zero-party data from their customers.  

What is a Preference Center?  

Preference centers usually provide consumers with the ability to access and manage all their consent options, personalization, communication choices and often profile information. User access is provided primarily via a ‘Manage Preferences’ link at the bottom of an email or via a settings option within the account area of a website.   

Instead of solely offering a global unsubscribe link via emails, apps, and web properties, you can provide your customers with granular preference settings. Examples of these preference controls include:   

  • Channels – Let users choose the method through which they would like to receive communication including email, SMS, magazine, and in-browser notifications.   
  • Frequency – Avoid communication fatigue by giving users the power to choose how often they receive communications.   
  • Interests – Engage users by allowing them to choose which content they are interested in hearing about from your brand to maintain subscriptions and increase engagement.   

What are the benefits of implementing a preference center? 

Businesses that implement a preference center for marketing communications see a reduction in the number of subscription opt-outs, consent withdrawals, and unsubscribes. When customers can personalize their communication choices they are more engaged and less likely to unsubscribe from all communications.   

It is important to note that preference centers will need to be integrated with your wider technology stacks such as CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) and email and marketing automation tools. This will ensure that compliance obligations are met, and opportunities are acted upon.  

The most widely adopted use case for preference centers is the management of marketing communications. With data about customer preferences, brands and marketers can drive more tailored, personalized engagements.  

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