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What is Consent Management?

what is consent management

What is consent management? Consent management helps ensure compliance with privacy regulations with consent requirements. For marketers, consent management can make marketing activities and data collection more transparent and ensure consent collection is valid.  

Customer consent can be used for activities like ad targeting cookies, sensitive data processing, and direct marketing. Marketers can gather detailed records of opt-ins including who, when, what users were told, and by what method users consented when consent is required. If valid consent is not obtained where required, marketers may be forced to delete email addresses and other contact details. This may have a negative impact on their marketable database, campaign success, and revenue.  

How Can Marketers Begin Their Consent Management Compliance Journey? 

So, where should marketers start? First, your website. Web forms, email newsletter sign-ups, and other data collection points may need consent. Second, mobile apps. Location tracking, data sharing, and other data collected through apps may need consent. 

Next, you’ll want to consider over-the-top (OTT) applications accessed through Smart TVs and Connected TV (CTV) that may require consent management for creating more personalized streaming content. Finally, support centers, chatbots, in-person events, points of sale, and anywhere else where data is exchanged may need consent management.  

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What Are The Benefits of Consent Management?  

Consent management helps marketers protect their interests. One major benefit is the role of consent management in ensuring valid consent collection. Additionally, it can help you honor customer choices appropriately.  

Effective consent management practices can assist your organization to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Consent requirements can vary between regulation, but generally need to meet the following requirements:  

  • Freely given  
  • Not bundled with other terms and conditions  
  • Informed  
  • Clear, unambiguous, and easy to action  
  • Specific  
  • Easy to withdraw  

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What Should Marketers Know About Consent Management?  

  • Marketers should have a consent management strategy and toolset in place to increase the transparency of data collection practice, provide choice, and secure user’s data.
    According to the IAB, “The GDPR sets out a number of conditions that must be met in order for consent to be valid. In addition, under the GDPR, all organizations processing personal data are explicitly responsible for compliance with the Regulation and must be able to demonstrate and evidence this compliance. Therefore, you should ensure that any consent that you obtain is recorded and can be demonstrated if required.” 
  • Consumers care about privacy – and marketers should plan to meet their expectations through consent management. 
    81% of Americans say that the risks of data collection outweigh the benefits. Research shows that people aremore concerned about their privacy when it comes to personalized ads than the ability to see relevant content. 
  • It’s a good idea to give your customers opt-down options in addition to opt-in/opt-out.
    47% of respondents said that if they were presented with the option to “opt-down” during the unsubscribe process, they would consider it. Giving your audience different opt-in and consent options, as well as alternatives to a complete withdraw of consent, can retain more subscriptions.  

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