TheSoul Publishing Makes Trust a Competitive Advantage with OneTrust PreferenceChoice and IAB TCF v2.0

TheSoul Publishing Makes Trust a Competitive Advantage with OneTrust PreferenceChoice and IAB TCF v2.0

TheSoul Publishing is an independent digital studio that produces engaging content in 18 languages for a global audience of over 500 million viewers. This media is distributed on their website as well as across social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok, and even Amazon Prime. TheSoul releases 500 videos each month with content ranging from everyday life hack tips, brain-busting riddles, beauty tutorials, to five-minute crafts.   

TheSoul Publishing believes in balancing consumer’s privacy rights with ad personalization, and this distinguishes and them from other media producers. While TheSoul’s ability to bring users irresistible content is based on ad tech revenue, the company has made it their mission to prioritize transparency, privacy, and personalization.   


“The trend is no longer about making money and doing business. It is really about going to the next level and caring about the user’s data,” explained Iva Rukeli, Senior Legal Counsel at TheSoul Publishing.  
Iva Rukeli
Senior Legal Counsel at TheSoul Publishing

On Brand with OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP

Iva and her team at TheSoul decided the best way to provide personalization while respecting users’ privacy was to adopt IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) 2.0. TCF 2.0 is a consent solution built by industry professionals that adopts GDPR and ePrivacy Directive principles. This framework seeks to create a standardized approach for each party in the digital advertising chain.   

IAB TCF 2.0 is designed to assist publishers provide transparency and easily communicate the ways a user’s data is collected, stored, and shared.  This results in users having increased control and choice while ensuring a sustainable future for publishers and advertisers.  

TheSoul Publishing sought out a consent management platform (CMP) that could comply with TCF 2.0 and help them balance personalization and privacy. Iva and her team also needed a solution that met the needs of several teams from Privacy/Legal, IT, as well as the objectives of the programmatic team.   

After an evaluation of the market TheSoul Publishing selected OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP because it is designed by industry experts who understood the goals of both marketing and privacy teams.   

Another deciding factor for the team was their ability to customize the CMP to not only meet their compliance requirements, but also TheSoul’s creative aesthetic. As a company that prides themselves on their dynamic and original content creation, TheSoul wants its website and privacy program to reflect their brand.  


“The tool is like the paper dolls that you could simply switch one outfit to the next. We are easily able to update OneTrust’s CMP to match our evolving brand,” said Iva.  
Iva Rukeli
Senior Legal Counsel at TheSoul Publishing

Reaping the Rewards of Transparency and Trust  

 After implementing the OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMPIva and her team have noticed several benefits – both in consumer trust and within the advertising ecosystem.  

We’ve noticed that since we’ve implemented OneTrust’s CMP solution for IAB TCF we are attracting higher quality advertisers which allows us to provide better advertisements for our users,explained Iva. 

This relationship in return further enhances the user’s experience by providing them with higher quality advertisements.  So, the benefit of TCF compliance is twofold. By valuing user’s privacy and implementing TCF v2.0 the company is attracting superior vendors. In return, this promotes a positive experience for the user and increased engagement.  

 Notably, Iva has also noticed an increase in opt-in consent rates but is waiting to evaluate the long-term trends.    

Iva and her team at TheSoul have proven that marketing and privacy compliance can work together to improve consumer experience and even achieve new goals. TheSoul isn’t stopping with TCF 2.0 and has plans to expand their OneTrust implementation to assist with global privacy compliance, specifically the CCPA and Brazil’s LGDP.   

We know our users are privacy conscious and we want to continue to build upon the trust we have with them.  OneTrust has helped us tremendously in doing just that,” said Iva.   

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