The CCPA introduces new rights for California residents. These include the right to access and delete personal information, as well as the right to opt-out of the sale of personal information. Organizations now need a scalable and efficient way to process and respond to consumer rights requests. And it’s now critical to maintain detailed, ongoing records for CCPA compliance.

Consent Management Platform

Consumer Rights

The CCPA stipulates a 45-day response timeline for consumer rights requests. OneTrust Consumer Rights Management fully automates this process from intake to fulfillment.

Preference Center

Consent Management

Leverage the OneTrust Preference CMP to enable opt-out of sale requests using CCPA messaging and include a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link on web, mobile and OTT properties. Easily track do not sell requests by consumers, devices, and households. Additionally, the CMP includes support for IAB CCPA USP Consent String.

OTT compliance

Targeted Data Discovery

Automate the manual tasks required to discover, delete, redact, opt out and process access, deletion, or CCPA opt-out of sale requests – retrieving a single person’s information in relevant system.

Complete Solution for CCPA Compliance

ccpa compliance solution

Intake & Fulfill Opt-Out of Sale & Consumer Requests

OneTrust PreferenceChoice Consumer Rights Management fully automates this process from intake to fulfillment utilizing Targeted Data Discovery technology. Leverage CCPA-specific response workflows to help your organization respond to requests appropriately, and with built-in exception handling, reduce unnecessary work, ensuring you meet CCPA compliance deadlines.

ccpa compliance solution

Enable Opt-Out of Sale Requests

Personal information under the CCPA is broadly defined and includes internet or other electronic network activity information, unique identifiers (which include cookies), and information regarding a consumer’s interaction with a website, application, or advertisement. Via OneTrust PreferenceChoice, build a customized CMP that reflects CCPA-specific messaging. Using geolocation functionality, display different banners with different consent models depending on the website visitor’s location and can be customized to include a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link.

ccpa compliance solution

Track Verifiable Consent to Avoid Unauthorized Sale of Consumer Data

Under the CCPA, the right to opt out of the sale of personal information extends beyond the consumer to include devices and households. Via OneTrust Consent & Preference Management, track do not sell requests by consumers, devices, and households.

ccpa compliance

Automate Fulfillment by Targeting Business Apps

Leverage OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery to fully automate any manual tasks involved in fulfilling consumer rights requests. Find and retrieve data across cloud-based and on-premise systems to assist in fulfilling a request. Simply integrate with common business apps, such as Adobe, Eloqua, Mailchimp, Google Drive, and more.

IAB CCPA Compliance Framework

The IAB CCPA Compliance Framework creates a contractual relationship between digital properties and the downstream framework participants to enforce limitations on the use of data and mechanisms for accountability when a consumer opts-out of the sale of their information. With the new IAB Data Deletion Spec, publishers are now about to propagate and signal user requests downstream to third-party vendors.

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If we do this right in California, the state will put the capital P back into privacy for all Americans.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra



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