Consent Management Platform

Ensure Compliance While Optimizing Consent Rates

Consent Management Platform

Audit websites and applications

Conduct deep website or mobile app scans to discover trackers, SDKs, privacy policies and cookie notices

Preference Center

Build UX and set consent model

Tailor your CMP and leverage geolocation capabilities to display unique consent approaches

OTT compliance

Deploy and integrate with ad tech stack

Easily deploy your CMP and integrate with IAB TCF vendors and existing ad tech stack

Consent Management Platform

Monitor and report with dashboards

Build a centrally located, historical consent database and monitor performance with A/B testing

Why OneTrust PreferenceChoice

“OneTrust has helped us address both IAB guidelines and the law. We found that OneTrust’s solution was allowing us to easily leverage solutions we put in place for compliance among our websites. We are deploying the same number of websites, but it is now much faster with the new OneTrust platform.”

-Idriss Kechida, Match Group Chief Privacy Officer

Products for Publishers

Consent Management Platform

Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Capture, store and signal consent downstream to ad tech vendors. Comply with global regulations and deliver a personalized experience. Watch our CMP in action in this video.

Mobile App Compliance

Easily scan for tracking technologies and unknown SDKs. Build a CMP to collect and signal consent for in-app advertising, personalization, analytics and more.

OTT App Compliance

Use our OTT app compliance solution to set and read consent and preferences across a variety of OTT platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and smart TVs.

OneTrust Consent Management Platform

Scan Your Website to Identify Third-Party Tracking Technologies

  • Schedule scans on a regular basis for ongoing monitoring to keep your team up-to-date on any changes
  • Scan your website against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest database of pre-categorized cookies and trackers
  • Conduct deep website scans to discover trackers, privacy policies and cookie notices behind login pages
  • Automate the identification and categorization process of behavior tracking technologies on your website

Collect Valid Consent While Adhering to Global Laws and Regulations

  • Enable consent banners with a robust user experience to match your brand
  • Leverage multiple, built-in consent approach options or customize your own
  • Capture who consented, when it occurred, and what they were told upon consenting
  • Sync consent across systems to ensure consistency for sales and marketing activities
  • Offer the option to “opt out” of sell of personal information for CCPA compliance

Enable Geolocation to Deliver Different Consent Models Based on Visitor Location

  • Automatically drive CMP functionality based on visitor location
  • Increase opt-in rates to maximize ad revenue by delivering the right consent model
  • Switch between  frameworks such as the IAB TCF and IAB CCPA framework based on the visitor’s location
  • By understanding where a user is visiting from, OneTrust’s Athena will switch the configuration to optimize compliance and user experience
Consent Management Platform Dashboard

Monitor and Report Using Interactive Dashboards

  • Leverage A/B Testing to test CMP variants and optimize opt-ins
  • Maintain granular consent receipts and demonstrate compliance over time
  • Build a centrally located, historical consent database for data regulators and auditors
  • Utilize detailed analytics and visual dashboards to track the progress of your privacy program

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