Advance Your Consent Management Platform to Personalize User Experiences with OneTrust Consent Rate Optimization

Consent Management Platform

A/B Testing

Experiment with template designs, measure consent and iterate to maximize opt-ins

Template Targeting

Define attributes and logic to deliver a specific template to the visitor

Preference Center

Authenticated Consent

Synchronize consent of known users across devices and integrate with industry-wide ID solutions

How It Works

A/B Test Numerous Template Designs

  • Experiment with template designs, including colors, layouts, text, and more, using A/B testing to determine which variant generates the highest conversions
  • View detailed dashboards and analytics to easily view the highest performing design
  • Easily identify the winning creative and deploy to one or multiple site

Configure CMP Experience Based on Attributes and Logic

  • Deliver specific templates to visitors by defining attributes and logic based on behavior, content and more
  • Segment audiences within a single domain to deliver a thoughtful and relevant consent experience
  • Collect limited information to deliver a compliant, personalized experience or set values based on context

Synchronize Consent and Preferences Across Devices

  • Build trust and deliver personalization to audiences across all web, mobile, and OTT applications—without relying on third-party cookies
  • Conduct a “cookie-less” sync for consent and preferences across devices to avoid a jarring experience for known end users 
  • Sync with ID Solutions to identify the end user after consent is given on the first property interaction

"We were flying blind prior to implementing OneTrust’s Consent Rate Optimization solution but through A/B testing we are able to get a better view on user interaction with the banner."

Megan Gouveia, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Progress Software



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