GDPR Compliance

What Can PreferenceChoice Do For You?


Privacy Rights Management

Build a data subject request portal to automate the request lifecycle from intake to fulfillment.

Authenticated Consent

Cookie Compliance Solution

Scan your website for trackers, customize your consent approach, and build an audit trail of consent records.


Preference Management

Create customized user experiences, increase opt-in rates, and integrate with your martech stack.

Targeted Data Discovery

Find and retrieve data across cloud-based and on-premise systems to assist in fulfilling privacy requests.

Recital 32 of GDPR

Consent should be given by a clear affirmative act establishing a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject’s agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her, such as by a written statement, including by electronic means, or an oral statement.

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Intake & Fulfill Privacy Rights Requests

The GDPR gives data subjects new rights, such as: data portability, access, erasure or “right to be forgotten”, rectification, and more. With OneTrust PreferenceChoice Consumer Rights Management, organizations are provided the ability to tailor a branded web form, link to the form from the company’s privacy policy webpage, receive notification when a request has been submitted, and automatically request an extension if a deadline approaches.

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Opt-in Consent Management

The GDPR sets a new, high standard for organizations processing data based on consent. For example, consent needs to be: specific, clear and in plain language, not buried in legal notices, not grouped with multiple notices, easy to withdraw, etc. In addition, organizations need to be able to demonstrate consent was received in granular ways. OneTrust PreferenceChoice provides a consent management solution that can be customized and embedded into the organization’s website, devices and internal systems by capturing consent transactions in a standardized way.

Design Preference Center

Gain Trust with Preference Management

With Preference Management, streamline the consent lifecycle and create customized user experiences that match your brand. Collect consent with detailed records including who, when, what they were told, and how they consented, then maintain all the details in a historical database to demonstrate compliance. Providing users more control is required under the GDPR. Drive better opt-in rates by giving users granular opt-down setting options instead of a global unsubscribe. Additionally, maintain consent and preference details across your martech stack, including Adobe, Facebook and others.

Signal Consent to Ad Tech Vendors

For publishers leveraging the TCF 2.0 framework, the collaborative industry solution for conducting targeted advertising in compliance with GDPR, when a user has opted in, the OneTrust CMP solution enables publishers to store that consent and signal it downstream to ad tech vendors to ensure consent is in place before serving targeted advertising.

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Automate Fulfillment by Targeting Business Apps

Leverage OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery to fully automate any manual tasks involved in fulfilling consumer rights requests. Find and retrieve data across cloud-based and on-premise systems to assist in fulfilling a request. Simply integrate with common business apps, such as Adobe, Eloqua, Mailchimp, Google Drive, and more.



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