Deliver Compliant and Optimized Touchpoints at Every Healthcare Encounter

Boost compliant cross-channel engagement & personalization through customer’s preferred channel, with interested content at the desired frequency, utilizing explicit customer provided data.

Automate Compliance

Drive consumer engagement with configurable CMPs, preference centers and data capture forms that adhere to global regulations.

OTT compliance

Enforce Consent Downstream

Sync consent across systems to abide by data privacy protocols, avoid unauthorized use of consumer data and follow through with brand promises.

Authenticated Consent

Mature 1st Party Data Profiles

Drive first-party data driven, progressive profile development with consistent & standardized data centralization and synchronization.

Our team understands the challenges healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are facing. From configuring to deploying, collaborating and integrating, OneTrust provides an all-in-one privacy platform. ​Let us show you how your business can benefit from consent and preference management.

Operationalize Compliance and Build Trust with Healthcare Consent & Preference Management

How OneTrust is Empowering Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies

Provide Transparency and Improve Data Quality with Consent, Preferences and First-Party Data Collection

Connect consents from existing and new points across domains, browsers, apps, and devices to build detailed audit trails in addition to basic compliance with regulations. Additionally, collect first-party data directly from your patients and providers to enhance customer profiles and begin to replace other data sources like third-party cookies.

Empower Your Audience with Self-Service Preference Centers to Access and Change Data At Any Time

Provide data privacy, security, collection, and usage information in preference centers to build trust and provide value. Use OneTrust to build dynamic and logic-based displays for data elements, custom questions, and questions and options available based on geolocation, user, customer segment, and more.

Synchronize Real-Time Consent to Systems and Marketing Platforms to Honor Choices At All Time

Integrate with and activate consent, preferences, and first-party data in all systems, including ERH, CRM, iPaaS, and more. The OneTrust platform provides a powerful but flexible way to connect to your applications through APIs, SDKs, data feeds, system integration, and more. Leverage intelligent connections and expand portfolio capabilities using common integration systems like IQVIA and Veeva.

Centralize Data in One System to Monitor Engagement Metrics and Demonstrate Proof of Consent

Centralize stored customer consents, preferences and first-party data for proof of compliance, transparency for customers, and a single source of truth for all systems. Additionally, link phone numbers, account numbers, email addresses, and other identifiers to de-dupe profiles of healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, caregivers, and National Provider Identifiers (NPIs). 


“OneTrust allows us to have the agility to scale rapidly and optimize the way we use the technology. We were able to use the solution right outof the box to meet our needs, something that is very unique and really showcases the flexibility of the tool.”



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