PreferenceChoice for IAB TCF v2.0

2020 Master Class Webinar Series

Accelerate Your TCF v2.0 Update | Empowering Publishers CMP for IAB Support | Checklist for August 15th Deadline

Ad Tech Vendor Tool Kit

Choose from the tool kit options, and we’ll work with you side-by-side to provide the resources that fit the unique needs of your clients.

OneTrust PreferenceChoice is dedicated to providing the necessary resources, tools, and support for switching to v2.0.

Thought Leadership: Work with the OneTrust team to create thought leadership blog posts and co-host webinars, to educate your customers about the framework and supply the necessary tool to adopt TCF v2.

Field Enablement: Receive virtual training or support to help answer questions about the framework or products. OneTrust will remain involved and provide full support as needed.

CMP Builder for IAB TCF v2.0: Co-brand the new OneTrust free CMP Builder to offer it as a simple tool for your customers to easily create a banner and preference center that captures, stores, and transmits the user’s consent record downstream to technology partners.

Watch the Webinar with OneTrust and IAB Europe! Publishers Need to Know: Navigating IAB TCF v2.0

Publishers leveraging the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) need to prepare to switch to support for TCF v2.0 before August 15 when support for TCF v1.1 will end. Watch the webinar from IAB Europe and OneTrust PreferenceChoice to learn how publishers can navigate this change and successfully work with TCF v2.0.

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OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP Powers Upgrades to TCF v2.0 for Publishers

CMP - Templates for IAB TCF v2.0 UI Requirements

Start with our out-of-the-box templates to meet all user interface requirements while customizing language, layout, and branding

PreferenceChoice CMP for Vendor Management for IAB TCF v2.0

Search and filter vendor list sourced directly from IAB without leaving the product; manage purposes in bulk and/or by individual vendor; blacklist non-compliant vendors

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