OneTrust IAB TCF 2.0 CMP

What’s New with IAB TCF v2.0?

The IAB Tech Lab and IAB Europe have released the second version of the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF), the collaborative industry solution for conducting targeted advertising in compliance with GDPR.

improve consent

For Consumers: More transparency & control to grant or withhold consent and exercise their ‘right to object’ to their personal data being processed based on legitimate interest.

centralize consent

For Publishers: Greater control and flexibility integrating and collaborating with ad technology partners, on a per-vendor basis.

collect consent

For Ad Tech Vendors: The ability for consumers, publishers and vendors to talk about and signal in a standard manner throughout the advertising ecosystem.

Watch the Webinar with OneTrust and IAB Europe! Publishers Need to Know: Navigating IAB TCF v2.0

Publishers leveraging the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) need to do to support for TCF v2.0. Watch the webinar from IAB Europe and OneTrust PreferenceChoice to learn how publishers can navigate this change and successfully work with TCF v2.0.


OneTrust PreferenceChoice CMP Powers Upgrades to TCF v2.0 for Publishers

CMP - Templates for IAB TCF v2.0 UI Requirements

Start with our out-of-the-box templates to meet all user interface requirements while customizing language, layout, and branding

PreferenceChoice CMP for Vendor Management for IAB TCF v2.0

Search and filter vendor list sourced directly from IAB without leaving the product; manage purposes in bulk and/or by individual vendor; blacklist non-compliant vendors

Free CMP

Create an IAB TCF 2.0 CMP for your website using our free tool. Create, customize, and publish within minutes.

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