Preference Management Enables Personalization, Better Segmentation, and Tailored Campaigns

Preference Center

Preference Centers

Dynamic and logic-based displays for data elements, custom questions, and questions and options available based on geolocation, user, customer segment, and more

First-Party Data Capture

First-Party Data Capture

Collect data directly from your audience, prospects, and customers to enhance customer profiles and begin to replace other data sources like third-party cookies

OTT compliance

Data Activation

Integration workflows and connections to your full martech stack ensure user choices are honored in all marketing, sales, and communication activities

Preference Management


Design and Configure Preference Centers

Give data subjects greater control and visibility over their communication preferences

  • Customized communication topics, content, frequency, and medium choices for customers
  • Drag-and-drop templates with options for layout, design, branding, formatting, and language
  • Low-code / no-code updates for marketing teams
  • Dynamic preference centers based on identity, geolocation, and language preferences
  • Support for identity validation, authentication, and double opt-in
Design Preference Center

Centralize Customer Data

Reduce unsubscribes with opt-down strategy and flexible choices for content topics and frequencies

  • Maintain real-time preference records to enhance customer profiles and consistently honor customer choices
  • Build proprietary data sets with customized questions for zero- and first-party data collection
  • Activate data through integration with your martech stack to honor preferences throughout sales and marketing activities
Consent Management Platform Dashboard

Improve Data Collection

Measure, report, and improve your preference and data capture with real-time reporting

  • Real-time dashboards and analytics
  • A/B testing to optimize results
  • Easy updates at any time without web dev resources

By providing transparency and choice around consent and preferences, Herman Miller not only stands out from the crowd as a marketing engine, but as a global enterprise in today’s shifting regulatory landscape.

Dustin VerBeek, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Herman Miller

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