"Who's Calling?" Honoring Consent & Privacy in Telemarketing

Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned about protecting their personal data and choosing the ways to communicate with them through different channels. The idea of trustworthy and transparent marketing isn’t new but has become a front and center strategy for marketers.

Additionally, delivering personalized experiences that honor choices throughout the entire consumer journey, no matter the touchpoint, gives companies a competitive advantage. While privacy on digital properties usually comes first to a marketer’s mind, it’s important to think about additional channels — including telemarketing.

From retailers to healthcare, finance to travel, multiple industries are required to follow regulations spanning around the world. These privacy requirements impact your ability to call and text consumers. Join this webinar to get an update on the latest telemarketing privacy requirements from the US and EU, and how marketers can leverage OneTrust PreferenceChoice to adhere to requirements.

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