Authenticated Consent

Be Transparent

Help customers understand the data that you hold on them, how you may collect additional personal data, and the policies and procedures in place to protect that data.

Authenticated Consent

Provide Control

Go beyond transparency to provide customers control of their personal information – allowing them to not only understand your policies and the data held, but to take action if desired.

Authenticated Consent

Build Trust

Bring these principles together into a seamless, enjoyable user experience to show your commitment and build trust with your consumers.

Create a One-Stop Privacy Hub With a Unified Trust Center

Tap into the new, transparent, self-serving hub that combines all tools related to personalization and privacy. Combine design, privacy and trust together to deliver on consumer’s expectations with a personalized, transparent experience on your digital properties.

Build the User's Profile with First-Party Data

  • Display data that you have collected about the user and allow them to make updates to their own data.
  • Build a privacy profile of each individual with an audit trail of behavioral preferences.
  • Segment audiences based on languages, regions and first-party user preferences.
  • Manage consent for a single ID across devices for better user experience.

Streamline the Consent Lifecycle With a Customized User Experience

  • Drive better opt-in rates by giving users granular opt-down setting options versus a global unsubscribe.
  • Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience by allowing customers to manage consent and preferences from all channels and touchpoints including channels such as Amazon Alexa and Chatbots.
  • Build an audit trail detailed records including who, when, what they were told, and how they consented.
  • Leverage our Robotic Process Automation and integration workflows to activate customer data and enforce compliance in your wider technology stack.

Automate the Request Lifecycle from Intake to Fulfillment

  • Build a secure, robust consumer portal to intake requests in a way that matches your brand and business.
  • Validate user identity and use it to locate and retrieve consumer data and respond to requests quickly.
  • Leverage CCPA-specific response workflows to help your organization respond to requests appropriately.
  • Automate and semi-automate fulfillment to reduce internal resource drains and drastically improve resolution times.

Centrally Update, Host and Manage Policies and Notices

  • Display links to policies to allow users to gain an understanding of their privacy.
  • Build custom policies with responsive designs or leverage the regulation specific template library including GDPR and CCPA disclosure templates.
  • Manage policies centrally to publish once and update across all digital assets without the need for development work.
  • Build a granular version history database to track changes, and enable role-based access across organizations.

Collect Valid User Consent and Tailor Your Cookie Banner

  • Provide a tailored consent banner to match your company’s brand including display, color, content, and language.
  • Enable flexible user interfaces with customizable user experience elements to match your brand and build loyalty.
  • Use geolocation rules to automatically display different banners and consent models based on region, country, or state.
  • Customize your consent approach from notice only, opt-out, implied, opt-in or customize your own.

To learn more about how OneTrust PrefereneChoice supports compliance and can assist marketers and publishers with trust-building, register for TrustWeek, and attend our session: Delivering Personalization, Opt-ins and Trust with Consent & Preference Management. 

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Since the release of GDPR we have seen Trust increasingly become the new battleground for brands that are looking to improve the loyalty of their customers. Trust Centres are the secret weapon in the Marketers arsenal.

Zachary Faruque, OneTrust PreferenceChoice

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