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CNIL Consent Enforcement Webinar


CNIL Consent Enforcement: Top 3 Things Marketers Should Know

Virtual Session for Marketers on CNIL Consent Enforcement

Earlier this year, the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) issued a fine for sales prospecting without consent. In this particular incident, thousands of emails were sent without the recipients’ consent. In this 30 minute webinar, we’ll cover the top three things email marketers should keep in mind when it comes to GDPR compliance, CNIL enforcements, and building trust with your audience.

More About the Recent CNIL Fines

On January 5th, 2021, the CNIL issued a fine for sales prospecting withouconsent. Specifically, the company fined sent hundreds of thousands of emails without recipients’ consent.  

In particularthe CNIL outlined that recipients included individuals who had created an account on the company’s website or application without making a purchase. The campaign also targeted users whose data was collected through the internet. Read more about this incident and what this means for marketers in our recent blog post.

CNIL Consent Enforcement: Top 3 Things Marketers Should Know

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