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iOS 14 IDFA Changes


iOS 14 IDFA Changes: How to Maximize Opt-Ins

Apple debuted a collection of privacy features when it announced iOS 14 at WWDC.

One of the major updates is that iOS 14 will mask the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) by explicit opt-in instead of the currently limited ad tracking (LAT) opt-out. This has gained much attention this year, the ad tech industry currently relies on the IDFA for ad monetization because it provides a unique identifier that’s persistent across apps.

Additionally, the company’s privacy “nutrition label” concept did not arrive with the launch of the new operating system but was recently announced. As part of this, starting December 8th, developers will be required to provide users what information an app collects and present that visually on the app page.

Next Steps

While these updates directly impact mobile app owners, developers, and ad tech professionals, join this webinar to learn how to navigate the recent iOS 14 updates and discover best practices to help maintain opt-ins and monetization, while building trust and transparency in your mobile application. Complete the form to watch it now, or connect with a OneTrust team member to learn more or start a free trial of our consent and preference software.

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