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The Rise of Paywalls: Challenges, Opportunities, and Compliance

Paywalls, or cookie walls, are not a new concept, but are making a big comeback in the ad tech ecosystem as a way for publishers to boost revenue as they face recent challenges that may impact revenue, including the removal of third-party cookies.

What’s Next for Paywalls?

While historically a paywall has been a pop-up on a website that requires users to sign up for a subscription to access the content, the new approach to paywalls is moving toward offering a value exchange to access content by offering the choice to either consent to cookies or pay/sign up for a subscription. The ad tech landscape and regulators are simultaneously evaluating this new approach from a compliance and usability perspective.

In this webinar, learn about the history and future of paywalls, the different point of views from regulators and frameworks, and how to consolidate your CMP and paywall UI to ultimately streamline the user experience, generate revenue, and meet compliance requirements all at once.

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