Understand and Manage Who's On Your Website



Audit your websites and apps to detect and cookies, SDK, tracking technologies, vendors and more. 

Authenticated Consent


Automatically categorize the trackers found using  Cookiepedia database of over 20 million pre-categorized cookies and tracking technologies.

Authenticated Consent


Manage vendors against the TCF global vendor list and associate them to websites, categories, cookies, and hosts.

Website Scanning and Vendor Management

Scan for a Full Audit of Tracking Technologies

  • Detect all first- and third-party cookies, tags, trackers, pixels, beacons and more
  • Use advanced scanning functionality to scan behind logins, simulate user journeys, and trigger hidden pages
  • Continued scanning to keep an evergreen inventory of tracking technologies and up to date policies across your web properties
Website Scanning

Understand the Health of Your Mobile App

  • Schedule scans of your app to identify privacy permissions, frameworks, and SDKs
  • Understand third-party trackers on your app by leveraging a pre-categorized database
  • Utilize visual reports for an easy understanding of your app’s “privacy health
Website Scanning

Automatically Categorize Cookies and Trackers with Cookiepedia™

  • Leverage world’s largest database of over 15 million pre-categorized cookies to group trackers by purpose
  • Make sense of hard to interpret cookie names with human readable descriptions, vendor information, and lifespans
  • Use simple drag-and-drop user interface to update categorizations at any time
Website Scanning

Manage Vendors Against the TCF Global Vendor List (GVL)

  • When it comes to integrating with the IAB TCF, we automatically sync the Global Vendor List straight into OneTrust, and we keep it up to date for you
  • Review all the third parties, search, filter, and dive into details on exactly what they’re collecting consent for from your visitors
  • If needed, deactivate vendors from here to hide them from the CMP UI
Website Scanning and Vendor Management

Manage Vendor Status and Legal Bases

  • Enable or disable the Consent and Legitimate Interest legal bases for each purpose for vendors
  • Associate the vendor to websites, categories, cookies, and hosts and exclude regions where the vendor is not used
  • Publish script and manage/block vendors using the vendor Id

It's crucial to identify and understand cookies, tracking technologies and vendors on your website as a first step in your consent management program. Customers have found success in our robust scanning functionality and ability to manage how third-party vendors are using data from their website users.

Stephanie Hanson, OneTrust for Publishers Offering Lead

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